Inspection packages are conducted in line with API, well pre-agreed standards, e.g. LOLER, British and Australian Standards as as fully incorporating any client specific standards. Packages can include any or all of the following in one mobilisation:

• Rig Audit
• Derrick / Mast Inspection
• Loose Lifting Equipment
• Padeyes, beams and other fixed lifting items
• Baskets, skips, gas racks, lifting frames (CCU’s)
• Drilling handling tools
• Magnetic particle inspection, Eddy Current(MPI/NDT/ET)
• Crane
• Forklifts
• Lifeboat/Life rafts davits and deployment systems
• UT Gauging on high pressure lines and high pressure vessels
• Dropped objects surveys
• Rope access

OES inspection reports are compiled with the inclusion of substantial photographic and visual references making it easier for post inspection work to be completed. Core sections are also made available online at where the client can securely log in, access, interact with and update certain sections of the report. In addition also enables clients to:

View and search all visual, test, MPI and corrective action registers
View quarantined and rejected registers. View the corrective actions register (CAR); which highlights all major findings during the Inspections, as well as allowing the CAR to be updated to its current status, which acts as centralised “live” document between those involved; for example the Rig Manager (offsite) and the rig personnel (onsite).
Create lists of equipment added to or removed from the rig site.
Download a copy of the report.

OES has become industry renowned for its accurate, intuitive and detailed reports which provide practical tools for clients to utilise in working towards improvements in safety and efficiency. We understand that providing the best report we can, gives our clients the best tool to implement improvements. We also know that information is only of use if clients can find what they are looking for and easily interpret our findings, therefore OES’ reports are laid out in a manner that our clients have had as much say in as we have.

We know that each rig is an individual operation and each inspection we conduct is different, therefore our work-scopes and reports are carefully tailored to meet the requirements of each job.

Compiled using easy to understand terminology, report binders are sectionalised via custom made “quick reference” dividers and soft copies are electronically bookmarked, effortless.



A dramatic increase in the oil industry’s awareness of dropped objects and potential dropped object scenarios surge in requirement for inspections. has prompted a these specialised inspections.

Selecting OES’s dropped objects package (DropsTrack) takes the headache out of initiating a dropped objects program, by providing an off-the-shelf solution.

OES provide qualified inspectors to conduct a thorough dropped objects survey of the Derrick/Mast and agreed surrounding areas, documenting findings with photographic support and providing recommendations for their rectification. All findings are then presented in our exclusive corrective actions register format in hard, soft and interactive online copies.

The team also prepare a complete dropped objects scheduled-inspection follow-up program, for post OES inspections by the rig crew. This program is built on a level-by-level basis, detailing items to be checked and what to look for, text is clear and easy to follow, with all items supported by a photographic reference.

OES also have a broad range of experience reviewing, implementing and following up on client’s pre-purchased or internal dropped objects packages should another format be agreed for dropped objects. This ranges from implementing a clients own; or already purchased, dropped objects package to auditing an already implemented dropped objects program.



The statement that Derricks and Masts form the backbone of the drill floor needs no further explanation. OES offers its clients a wealth of expertise and experienced teams to assist in keeping this structure compliant, safe and reliable. OES provides numerous

specialist Derrick and Mast related including:

  • services,
  • Upgrades
  • Repairs
  • API inspections
  • Bolt change-outs
  • NDT
  • Dropped objects surveys
  • Audits
  • Inventories
  • Rope access services and more


OES Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) is one of the most widely used non-destructive testing (NTD) methods. Its popularity can be attributed to two main factors: its relative ease of use and its flexibility. LPI can be used to inspect almost any material provided that its surface is not extremely rough or porous.

LPI offers flexibility in performing inspections because it can be applied in a large variety of applications ranging from automotive spark plugs to critical oil and gas components. Penetrant can be applied with a spray can or a cotton swab to inspect for discontinuities known to occur in a specific area or it can be applied by dipping or spraying to quickly inspect large areas. In the image on the right, visible dye penetrant has been locally applied to a highly loaded connecting point to check for fatigue cracking.


OES Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) is a non-intrusive method used for detecting defects using magnetic fields and small magnetic particles (i.e. iron filings) to detect flaws in components.

MT is fast and relatively easy to apply, and part surface preparation is not as critical as it is for some other NDT methods. The only requirement from an inspection standpoint is that the component being inspected must be made of a ferromagnetic material such as iron, nickel, cobalt, or some of their alloys.

Ferromagnetic materials are materials that can be magnetized to a level that will allow the inspection to be effective. These characteristics make MT one of the most widely utilized non-destructive testing methods.


OES Acoustic Emission (noise Level) Surveys

Acoustic Emission Surveys are carried out by OES personnel utilizing fully calibrated noise monitoring devices and bespoke software.
Surveys are conducted at the request of the client on both on and offshore facilities, to establish and record background noise levels and qualify noise levels win accordance with the industry standard.


OES RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

All of the OES services can now be enhanced though RFID tagging, RFID (or Radio Frequency Identification) provides a method of attaching tag to an asset to aid rapid information retrieval. A scan of a tag would pull up information about that asset, including manufacturer information, inspection certificates, maintenance information and so on. An RFID tag can be thought of like a barcode, except is much more rugged, cannot be copied or tampered. It also does not necessarily require line of sight to get a read. This is especially useful for warehousing stock control and management.

Through our partner Askaris, we can also provide innovative database solutions which are especially suited to use in the Oil & Gas Sector. Featuring true scalable architecture, it is able to manage many millions of assets without performance degradation. it also works in environments where there is poor or no internet connectivity.

Applications using RFID technology include:
ARCUS-EX EX Survey with RFID tagging
ARCUS-HORM Hose Register Management
ARCUS- PIPE Drill pipe management
ARCUS-TRACK Asset and maintenance management
ARCUS-DOPP Proactive Dropped Object Prevention Programme.


OES Rope Access

With our own team of IRATA qualified rope access personnel, OES have the capability to expand any of a broad range of inspections to most vertical areas inaccessible by standard methods, therefore removing the requirement for alternative, generally costly and disruptive forms of access, like scaffolding.

This provides our clients with the opportunity to implement any of our broad ranges inspection services in awkward locations as well as the option for a number of specialized derrick services, structural surveys or just providing a team to complete a job in an awkward area.


OES Ultrasonic Flaw Detection & Thickness Gauging

These two main ultrasonic methods use high frequencies sound energy to indicate material defects such as longitudinal and transverse cracks (flaw detection) and dimensional charges such as thickness (thickness gauging).

Typically the UT inspection system consists of a transducer, pulser/receiver, and display unit. A pulser/receiver is an electronic device that can produce high voltage electrical pulses to the transducer. When driven by the pulser, the transducer generates high frequencies ultrasonic sound energy into the material in the form of sound waves. When there are discontinuities. such as inclusions, porosity, cracks, etc. in the sound path, part of the mechanical energy will be reflected from the discontinuities ‘(reflectors;) surface.


OES Vibration Analysis

The OES Oilfield Services Group is excited to introduce a new business offering: the Dropped objects Prevention Programame (DOPP). DOPP is set to raise the standard of Dropped object surveys and which the help of technology, minimize the likelihood of potential drops incidents.

Dropped object area a real hazard within the oil and gas industry and DOPP has been specifically designed with this in mind. DOPP supports and enhances the delivery of a dropped objects prevention plan.
DOPP is the first of a series of new products from OES designed to make managing risk and safety on oil installations easier. By providing control and visibility to rig personal and management so that they are aware of the status of their installation at all times.

A tablet application is introduced at Stage 3. This has been designed to build an inventory of permanent and temporary equipment on the rig and is ultimately handed over to the crow the real-time reference. Information from the surveys is also automatically linked to OES Dropstrack Premium Reporting System. OES also offer a technical query application that allows Drops related queries to be answered and advice received at the push of a button.


Dropped Objects eLearning Awareness Training Package For employees and sub-contractors

Dropped Objects eLearning is an annual, online training and competency verification system that ensures all rig operatives have an up to date knowledge of Dropped Objects best working practices.

Several versions of this course are available, from a version designed for non-technical staff, through to a course for engineers who will actively install and maintain equipment at height.

If all personnel have an up to date, verifiable knowledge of the best DROPS working practices, potential hazards are more likely to be identified and resolved before sn incident occurs.



Energy Drilling

Energy Drilling is a company established to develop, build and operate the next generation of self erecting tender rigs.

New generation tender assist barge rigs, EDrill-1 and EDrill-2, are currently chartered for long term  development drilling campaigns offshore in the Gulf of Thailand and in the Gulf of Mottoma, Myanmar, after having been delivered in 2014 from Cosco Guangdong Shipyard.

High specification semi-tender EDrill-3 is ready for development drilling service in severe environments  and for specialized, deep-water service coupled to trussed SPAR’s or TLP’s. Energy Drilling retains option rights to build additional units and is also exploring a compact semi-tender design which is well suited to shallow water programs.

Energy Drilling's highly skilled & experienced team has previously managed and delivered over 10 new tender drilling rigs. We have developed specifications, managed construction and operated tender rigs for various major oil companies. Furthermore, we have also introduced innovative solutions to advance the efficiency and safety of tender assisted drilling operations.





EDRILL-1 is a self-erecting, tender assist, drilling rig combining a high specification, lightweight drilling equipment set (DES) with   an  upsized, deep-draft barge. The DES is handled in three (3) lifts to reduce rig move times and the high capacity tender barge effectively supports batch drilling and completions with offline casing, tubing, and drillpipe stand building. EDRILL-1 is well matched to highly mobile, fast paced production drilling and completion  programs  offshore South East Asia, Western Australia, West Africa, Gulf of Mexico or Brazil.



EDRILL-2 is a self-erecting, tender assist, drilling rig combining a high specification, lightweight     drilling equipment set (DES) with an upsized, deep-draft barge. The DES is handled in four (4) lifts to  reduce rig move times and the high capacity tender barge effectively supports batch drilling and completions with offline casing, tubing, and drillpipe stand building. EDRILL-2 is well matched to highly mobile, fast paced production drilling and completion programs offshore South East Asia, Western Australia, West Africa, Gulf of Mexico or Brazil.



EDRILL-3 is a self-erecting, semi-tender assist, drilling rig combining a high specification drilling equipment set (DES) with an upsized, deep-draft four column, semi-submersible vessel. The DES is handled in eight (8) lifts to reduce rig move times and the high capacity semi-tender rig  effectively supports batch drilling and completions with offline casing, tubing, and drillpipe stand building. EDRILL-3 is “best in class” for severe metocean conditions and is well suited for deep-water production drilling from tension leg platforms, compliant towers, and  trussed spars offshore South East Asia, Western Australia, West Africa, Gulf of Mexico or Brazil.




GLOBAL 1 - A TECHMAR COMPANY, Experience, Qualification and Depth of Service

G1 provides a range of products & specialist construction, inspection and engineering services to drilling contractors, operators and shipyards worldwide.

Our international operations are strategically based to support client requirements - the location of your rig or project is not a barrier and our track record proves this.

We can manage and service any project, and provide on-site construction engineering and project support at any location.

G1 maintains exceptional standards and provides a comprehensive derrick inspection and recertification service that clients can trust.

The success of G1 is based on a strong work ethic. Our multi-skilled in-house team provides turnkey solutions to your requirements, from design to manufacture and completion on site.

Our speed of response and efficiency is recognized in the industry and G1 continues to deliver a quality cost-efficient service safely ensuring your project demands are met.

G1 is accredited to ISO 9001:2015, 45001: 2018 & 14001: 2015 reflecting the integrity of our business.


Land Rig Repair, Refurbishment, and Upgrade

From Carrier Rigs to the biggest Drilling Rigs, G1 can provide a vast range of services. Typical Range of Services but not limited to:

  • Refurbishment of Drilling Equipment regardless of make, model, or brand.
  • Overhaul of complete rig
  • BOP Handling Solutions
  • Derrick Extensions
  • TD Upgrades
  • Replacement Masts & Substructures
  • Mud Systems and High-Pressure Pipework
  • Rig Moving Systems
  • Increased Rotary Modifications
  • Offline Stand-building Upgrades
  • Structural Analysis, through to the supply of offshore personnel and installation
  • In-house engineering
  • Project management
  • Experienced personnel


Upgrade Projects and Platform Drilling Package Upgrades

Typical Range of Services (but not limited to):

  • Extensive experience of over 30 years, upgrading, modifying, repairing and inspecting almost every type of structure.
  • Structural Analysis, through to supply of offshore personnel and installation.
  • In-house engineering and design providing turnkey solutions for your requirements.
  • ISO licenses provide assurance on capability and quality.
  • In-house training to ensure competent and qualified personnel will support your project safely and efficiently.
  • Operations strategically based to support client requirements.
  • Increased Hook Load Capacity
  • Increased Setback Capacity
  • Derrick Extensions
  • TD Upgrades
  • Replacement Guide Rails
  • Replacement Racking Boards
  • Derrick Lighting
  • High & Low pressure piping
  • Casing Stabbing Boards
  • Bolt Changes
  • Offline Stand-building Upgrades



In-house Engineering, Design, Project Management & Fabrication

In-house Engineering resources.

Wide range of engineering disciplines:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical & Piping
  • Structural

All are supported by the latest design software.

G1 Energy teams with experience in design, modification, and recertification, and validation of new and used drilling structures, onshore and offshore, worldwide.

Fabrication facilities in house – licensed to both ISO 9001, 45001 & 14001

Design can be created in-house to suit client requirements or, G1 can provide ad-hoc engineering /draughting support to clients as and when required.


What Goes Up Must Come Down - SAFELY

Extensive Experience in the removal of Structures.

G1 personnel has been involved in Drilling Structure, & Module decommissioning projects since 2008 and Floating Gin Pole work since 2004.

Range of Decommissioning Services:

  • Drilling Package Decommissioning
  • Floating gin-pole operations
  • Flare Stacks
  • Communication Mast
  • Derrick
  • Helideck
  • DROPS & SWEEPS for pre-lift
  • Multi disciplined steel erecting crews
  • In-house engineering
  • Project Management


Experience of Decommissioning Projects Include:

Management Project Experience

  • BG Rough Storage
  • BP Thistle Platform North Sea
  • Claymore Platform North Sea
  • Talisman Auk North Sea
  • East Zeit Red Sea
  • Total Alwyn North Sea
  • Vega A. Mediterranean
  • Shelf VII Caspian


Floating Pole Operations

A standard piece of industrial equipment.

Used for many years for the erection, extension, and dismantling of Derricks & Other Structures in remote locations
and for significant economies over
crane costs.

G1 is one of few companies that can offer the provision of this service.

Utilized by experienced and competent rope access rig building teams the floating pole is a safe and reliable certified piece of lifting equipment.



Structure Assembly and Outfitting

Over 30 years worldwide industry experience in the erection and outfitting of structures for new build projects.

G1 management & rope access rig building teams will undertake every element of the assembly project from basic steelwork through to the installation of equipment.

Operate on all structures from Static platforms, to Jack Ups and floaters. Comprehensive work pack prior to project commencement.
Rig building teams are all subject to in-house training and competency assessment procedures. Our people are some of the safest and most well trained available within the industry today.

In-house engineering to support:

  • Planning lift sequences
  • Installation plans
  • Engineering and design of installation aids

Our integrity is never compromised at any stage.


Rig Building Teams
The Right People for the Job – Every-time!

G1 Rig building teams are some of the most skilled, productive, and safety-conscious that
you will find in the industry.

Through years of hands-on experience, our personnel have accumulated knowledge on every type of work scope associated with offshore & Onshore structures, including:

  • Structure assembly & outfitting
  • Decommissioning
  • Floating gin pole operations
  • Crown removal/reinstallation
  • Replacement guide tracks
  • Installation of racking & hoisting systems

Safety of our rig building operations is paramount. G1 is committed to providing the safest
possible site personnel in the industry, and at best can only be equaled.

Our comprehensive internal and external training and competency assessment ensure that the rig builders we supply to you are simply the best trained in the industry.

One key to our productivity is that our people are full time employees of the company. G1 invests in our people allowing our staff to focus on getting the job done.

Continued employment is only sustained through continuation of contracts and G1 achieve this through our client base recognising that our pro-active approach to enhancing our standards provides material benefits including the elimination of risk when you choose G1 to assist you.


Global 1 – Products


Drilling Derricks, Masts & Substructures

G1 Management has over 30 years of experience pertaining to the design and manufacture of Dynamic & Static
Derricks, Folding and Telescoping Masts of every size and capacity - it stands as one of the best in industry.

Whatever structure you require, G1s in-house engineering resources will provide and design turnkey solutions for your Drilling rig specifications.

Our in-house Engineering resource posses a wide range of engineering disciplines, electrical, mechanical & piping and structural, and will work on a range of upgrade, refurbishment & recertification projects we carry out on existing structures & rigs.

We will not sub-contract work and have established our own in-house fabrication facilities licensed to ISO 9001,
45001 and 14001. This ensures our reputation, quality, and pride is reflected in both our design and the excellence of our workmanship.

Our experience, expertise and product knowledge is also reflected in the loyal client base that we have achieved over the years.


Casing Stabbing Boards

The G1 Casing Stabbing Board represents one of the safest designs available, with various safety backup devices installed.

The functioning principle of the unit has remained the same whilst we have built many variations of this design for every type of structure in the industry including:

Workover rigs Land Drilling Rigs Static Derricks Dynamic Derricks Offshore Masts

This board provides a safe haven for the operator and folds back out of the way to maximise derrick space and eliminate the possibility of damage to the board when not in use.


Guide Tracks

G1 regularly fabricates and installs Derrick Guide Rails and Braces for our

Typical reasons for replacement include: Existing tracks worn or damaged Increased top drive loadings
Increased motion criteria or travel equipment weight

Introduction of Retract System

Our wealth of experience in the manufacture and installation of guide rails gives clients the confidence that the fabrication process can be completed efficiently with swift installation times due to our skilled & productive rig building teams.

If replacement tracks have been made by other fabricators, G1 will still provide you with the best option for changing your tracks in the quickest and safest manner, regardless of rig location.


Heat and Wind Shield Supply and Installation

Protection for personnel and equipment

Galebreaker Heat Shields are designed specifically to meet your protection requirements.

All materials have been independently tested and shields are designed to protect against flares.

Providing protection against heat flares with a temperature range from –30°C to +180°C the fabric offers insulation and protection against radiant.

Galebreaker Heatshields are lightweight and flexible with a range of fixing techniques available. All fixings are stainless steel marine grade (316 standards) or galvanized.



From our in-house fabrication facilities in Indonesia & Singapore G1 are constantly building replacement accessories for our clients worldwide.

Typically these can include:

  • Guide Rails (Travel Equipment)
  • BOP Test Stump
  • Racking BoardsBOP Handling
  • Tubing Boards
  • Trolley Beams
  • Casing Stabbing Boards
  • BoltMud & Cement Standpipe
  • Pins
  • Crown Blocks & Sheave
  • Mud Pits
  • Ladders & Platforms
  • Raising Sheaves Derrick Members (Girts & Braces)
  • Mast Dollies
  • Mast Raising Lines
  • Standpipe Manifolds
  • Rig Skidding
  • Ventlines
  • Rig Moving
  • Lighting Systems
  • Windwalls
  • CCTV
  • Drill Line Spoolers
  • Rig Spares

Rig Spares: G1 will find you spares and equipment for your rig, regardless of make or model. G1 are committed to assisting our clients to meet project demands and on request of spares required, we will do our best to meet all client requirements.




Vantage Drilling

Our Rigs :


aquamarine driller Emerald driller
Aqua Marine Driller

Emerald Driller

Saphire Driller Topaz Driller
Shappire Driller  Topaz Driller
Tungsten Explorer Platinum Explorer 
Tungsten Explorer Platinum Explorer 


Managed Rigs :


Capella Polaris