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GLOBAL 1 - A TECHMAR COMPANY, Experience, Qualification and Depth of Service

G1 provides a range of products & specialist construction, inspection and engineering services to drilling contractors, operators and shipyards worldwide.

Our international operations are strategically based to support client requirements - the location of your rig or project is not a barrier and our track record proves this.

We can manage and service any project, and provide on-site construction engineering and project support at any location.

G1 maintains exceptional standards and provides a comprehensive derrick inspection and recertification service that clients can trust.

The success of G1 is based on a strong work ethic. Our multi-skilled in-house team provides turnkey solutions to your requirements, from design to manufacture and completion on site.

Our speed of response and efficiency is recognized in the industry and G1 continues to deliver a quality cost-efficient service safely ensuring your project demands are met.

G1 is accredited to ISO 9001:2015, 45001: 2018 & 14001: 2015 reflecting the integrity of our business.


Land Rig Repair, Refurbishment, and Upgrade

From Carrier Rigs to the biggest Drilling Rigs, G1 can provide a vast range of services. Typical Range of Services but not limited to:


Upgrade Projects and Platform Drilling Package Upgrades

Typical Range of Services (but not limited to):



In-house Engineering, Design, Project Management & Fabrication

In-house Engineering resources.

Wide range of engineering disciplines:

All are supported by the latest design software.

G1 Energy teams with experience in design, modification, and recertification, and validation of new and used drilling structures, onshore and offshore, worldwide.

Fabrication facilities in house – licensed to both ISO 9001, 45001 & 14001

Design can be created in-house to suit client requirements or, G1 can provide ad-hoc engineering /draughting support to clients as and when required.


What Goes Up Must Come Down - SAFELY

Extensive Experience in the removal of Structures.

G1 personnel has been involved in Drilling Structure, & Module decommissioning projects since 2008 and Floating Gin Pole work since 2004.

Range of Decommissioning Services:


Experience of Decommissioning Projects Include:

Management Project Experience


Floating Pole Operations

A standard piece of industrial equipment.

Used for many years for the erection, extension, and dismantling of Derricks & Other Structures in remote locations
and for significant economies over
crane costs.

G1 is one of few companies that can offer the provision of this service.

Utilized by experienced and competent rope access rig building teams the floating pole is a safe and reliable certified piece of lifting equipment.



Structure Assembly and Outfitting

Over 30 years worldwide industry experience in the erection and outfitting of structures for new build projects.

G1 management & rope access rig building teams will undertake every element of the assembly project from basic steelwork through to the installation of equipment.

Operate on all structures from Static platforms, to Jack Ups and floaters. Comprehensive work pack prior to project commencement.
Rig building teams are all subject to in-house training and competency assessment procedures. Our people are some of the safest and most well trained available within the industry today.

In-house engineering to support:

Our integrity is never compromised at any stage.


Rig Building Teams
The Right People for the Job – Every-time!

G1 Rig building teams are some of the most skilled, productive, and safety-conscious that
you will find in the industry.

Through years of hands-on experience, our personnel have accumulated knowledge on every type of work scope associated with offshore & Onshore structures, including:

Safety of our rig building operations is paramount. G1 is committed to providing the safest
possible site personnel in the industry, and at best can only be equaled.

Our comprehensive internal and external training and competency assessment ensure that the rig builders we supply to you are simply the best trained in the industry.

One key to our productivity is that our people are full time employees of the company. G1 invests in our people allowing our staff to focus on getting the job done.

Continued employment is only sustained through continuation of contracts and G1 achieve this through our client base recognising that our pro-active approach to enhancing our standards provides material benefits including the elimination of risk when you choose G1 to assist you.


Global 1 – Products


Drilling Derricks, Masts & Substructures

G1 Management has over 30 years of experience pertaining to the design and manufacture of Dynamic & Static
Derricks, Folding and Telescoping Masts of every size and capacity - it stands as one of the best in industry.

Whatever structure you require, G1s in-house engineering resources will provide and design turnkey solutions for your Drilling rig specifications.

Our in-house Engineering resource posses a wide range of engineering disciplines, electrical, mechanical & piping and structural, and will work on a range of upgrade, refurbishment & recertification projects we carry out on existing structures & rigs.

We will not sub-contract work and have established our own in-house fabrication facilities licensed to ISO 9001,
45001 and 14001. This ensures our reputation, quality, and pride is reflected in both our design and the excellence of our workmanship.

Our experience, expertise and product knowledge is also reflected in the loyal client base that we have achieved over the years.


Casing Stabbing Boards

The G1 Casing Stabbing Board represents one of the safest designs available, with various safety backup devices installed.

The functioning principle of the unit has remained the same whilst we have built many variations of this design for every type of structure in the industry including:

Workover rigs Land Drilling Rigs Static Derricks Dynamic Derricks Offshore Masts

This board provides a safe haven for the operator and folds back out of the way to maximise derrick space and eliminate the possibility of damage to the board when not in use.


Guide Tracks

G1 regularly fabricates and installs Derrick Guide Rails and Braces for our

Typical reasons for replacement include: Existing tracks worn or damaged Increased top drive loadings
Increased motion criteria or travel equipment weight

Introduction of Retract System

Our wealth of experience in the manufacture and installation of guide rails gives clients the confidence that the fabrication process can be completed efficiently with swift installation times due to our skilled & productive rig building teams.

If replacement tracks have been made by other fabricators, G1 will still provide you with the best option for changing your tracks in the quickest and safest manner, regardless of rig location.


Heat and Wind Shield Supply and Installation

Protection for personnel and equipment

Galebreaker Heat Shields are designed specifically to meet your protection requirements.

All materials have been independently tested and shields are designed to protect against flares.

Providing protection against heat flares with a temperature range from –30°C to +180°C the fabric offers insulation and protection against radiant.

Galebreaker Heatshields are lightweight and flexible with a range of fixing techniques available. All fixings are stainless steel marine grade (316 standards) or galvanized.



From our in-house fabrication facilities in Indonesia & Singapore G1 are constantly building replacement accessories for our clients worldwide.

Typically these can include:

Rig Spares: G1 will find you spares and equipment for your rig, regardless of make or model. G1 are committed to assisting our clients to meet project demands and on request of spares required, we will do our best to meet all client requirements.